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We are passionate about wonderful writing at Higham Ferrers Junior School and so our approach to English lessons is so much more than just putting pen to paper. Every day, in every English lesson, our children experience different stimuli to inspire their writing; from pictures to film clips, music to drama, artefacts to exploring hidden rooms in the school, pupils from year three to year six have real experiences to motivate them to write.

In English lessons, children are taught how to write through high quality modelled sentences which build up over a series of lessons to produce a finished text. Along the way, we teach the children the grammar of writing so rather than having stand-alone grammar lessons, it is all taught in context, therefore giving it more meaning for our children.

During English lessons at Higham Ferrers Junior School, things can get a little noisy! We encourage our children to talk and share ideas in English lessons as we firmly believe that being able to discuss ideas and verbalise their thoughts makes the learning clearer in their heads and therefore clearer on the page.

Exceptional pieces of work will get chosen by the teacher to go on the prestigious ‘Gold Write Wall’. This means that the child’s work will be on display for the whole school to see as an example of excellent writing. As well as this, they receive a certificate in assembly and a most coveted gold fountain pen which can be used in lessons.


At Higham Ferrers Junior School, we love to write! From Years 3-6, we all work hard to write everything from poems to newspaper articles, stories to biographies, poems to non-chronological reports. These writing assessment sheets help us to keep track of the skills we are learning and demonstrating in our writing. They help us to know what our targets are and to see how much progress we are making.

Main Contact

The name, postal address and telephone number of the school, and the name of a person to whom enquiries should be addressed is:

Higham Ferrers Junior School,
Saffron Road,
Higham Ferrers,
Rushden, Northants.
NN10 8ED


Head Teacher

Mrs V Bull

Tel: 01933 312748

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