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Parents can be fined by the local authority for taking their child on holiday during term time without the consent of the school. The Local Authority’s decision to issue a fixed Penalty Notice is based on information submitted by the school. Triggers for the fixed Penalty Notice will be:

18 sessions (9days) of unauthorised absence in the last 6 weeks

5 consecutive days of unauthorised absence

An accumulation of unauthorised absence leading to an attendance of 90% or less.

It is important that parents understand that the initial fixed penalty notice of £60 is issued to each parent for each child. A two-parent family with two children would be fined £240.

Main Contact

The name, postal address and telephone number of the school, and the name of a person to whom enquiries should be addressed is:

Higham Ferrers Junior School,
Saffron Road,
Higham Ferrers,
Rushden, Northants.
NN10 8ED


Head Teacher

Mrs V Bull

Tel: 01933 312748

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