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Over the next term we will be linking most of our subjects to the topic of Frozen Kingdoms.

In English we will be writing adventure stories including animals that live in frozen environments. We will be visiting Irchester Country Park to explore our survival skills including build dens and working as a team. In art we will studying Inuit art and looking at the Northern Lights for inspiration. In science we will be learning about polar regions the animals that live their and thinking about their adaptation and their food chains. In history we will be thinking about famous explorers and how technology has helped us to explore more places than ever before. In geography we will be looking at maps of regions and learning about features of the frozen kingdoms on our planets.

Over the past half term 6HS have been learning through the topic of Blood Heart, with science, English, maths, ICT and PSHE. We learnt about how blood circulates the human body and how the heart itself works. We were lucky to visit the Ferrers School and took part in dissecting a sheep's heart so we could understand the internal elements of the heart. We learnt how to help others  when their heart fails by completing a CPR workshop, we investigated blood flow through tubes and straws so we could understand how a healthy lifestyle can affect our blood flow and the viscosity of our blood.

Welcome to 6HS's class page.

6HS is comprised of 24 unique personalities who are up for a challenge and enjoy learning about new topics. Our big topic this term is ID where we are learning about our Identities, we will be finger printing, investigating 'Vitruvian Man' theories, debating and discussing controversial arguments like Nature Vs Nurture and learning about our own ID. All the while we are practicing key skills in maths, ICT, science, art and more!

We have been reintroduced to Book Talk where we read and delve deeper into the meanings of texts and share our love of books through discussion. The whole class will be sharing the book 'Wonder' by R.J. Palacio, we are already gripped by the mysteries surrounding the lead character August, who stands out at the beginning of the story for the way he looks, by the end of the story we predict he will stand out for who he is instead!

Our classroom is full of useful and interesting displays, we have a 'Wonderwall' where we pose questions about topics we are learning about; we proudly display our AR targets and achievements; our colourful working walls support our day to day learning and our VIP and Monopoly boards celebrate our achievements.


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