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Is it only a week?

The children have been very busy in their first week back.

As part of our topic 'ID' we have been looking at whether we have any similarities with members of our family, measuring ourselves to test Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian man theory and locating where we live.


Welcome to Mrs Spencer-Smith's class

The start of a new adventure and exciting learning journey!

Welcome to our class page. We are a group of twelve girls and thirteen boys, who were initially nervous, excited, worried and apprehensive on entering a new school year and new classroom.

As the first week ended the children made these comments:

It's a very colourful classroom and it looks exciting!

The layout is imaginative with helpful hints.

It makes you want to explore the classroom.

It's organised, inspiring and bright.

We've added creativity to the walls.

It feels different to previous school weeks and it's more interesting because we're studying a topic project.


The children are all looking forward to learning more about our 'ID' topic, which we started back in July by visiting the Ferrers School, where they took part in a 'Crime Scene' investigation.
Watch out for updates and photos.

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Mrs Spencer-Smith’s class 2016-17

Welcome to Mrs Spencer-Smith's class 2016-17

Remember, remember the fifth of September the marvellous class began. Twenty-nine children entered their learning adventure. Excited, nervous and apprehensive the fifteen girls and fourteen boys stepped into the colourful atmosphere of their amazing beginning of a new school year, ready for new experiences to start.

They made new teams, which they called: diving, archery, athletics, gymnastics and BMX cycling after the famous Olympics and their interest in sport. They travelled back through history, through time, to the Victorian era. There they met a boy called Jim, who had spent his last shilling on a pie. After he ran out of money he became a 'Street Child.'

They travelled forward in time to 2016 to share their story with you. To be continued... Watch out for the next instalment, due January 2017. Contributed by all of Mrs Spencer-Smith’s class.

The New Year is here, the excited children cheered! Now thirty children, sixteen girls and fourteen boys are inside the extraordinary classroom. Their learning adventure has continued, going back in time again to the Mayans, where the temptation of chocolate awaits… (a visit to Cadbury World).

A new reading experience has been introduced. Five groups of six children are exploring, inferring, deducting and discussing their books through ‘Booktalk’ four times a week. To be continued... Watch out for the next instalment, due Easter 2017. Contributed by all of Mrs Spencer-Smith’s class.

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