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6IS decided to have a special movie treat for their first GREAT treat. As part of our topic 'ID' in the first term we read 'Wonder' as our class reader, so that's the film we chose to watch.
All the children were transfixed.
'It was really fun to compare the differences between the book and the film and find out more about Auggie,' Harry.
'I think the book's better as it includes more detail,' Jensen.
'It's amazing how people act differently to Auggie and adults,' Tia.
'In the book and the film it looks like the adults are more understanding than the children at first,' Aimee.

What a busy time we've had since September!

We went to France, where we had fun keeping ourselves entertained in our rooms and learning about the country, Euan

A police officer came in to tell us about the jobs they do and I got chosen to wear a white suit while the other children had to solve a murder as part of our ID topic, Harry.

We had our parents come in to share what we found out about genetics, Charlotte.M

It was really fun to design our own T-shirts about our personality, Ryan

It was fun visiting Chichele College, as we had to find some clues to find the animals and a test was slightly tricky, Jodie






Welcome to the start of a new adventure and exciting learning journey.

We are an amazing group of thirteen boys and ten girls, who were initially nervous, excited, worried and apprehensive but now...


'We work as a team to persevere and collaborate in all of our work,' Harry

'We are passionate,' Aimee

'We are confident and believe in ourselves,' Dylan

'We work hard and collaborate with each other,' Jensen

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