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Geography Week

We have just had a busy first week back to school.  Geography Week began on Monday 7th January where we learnt about the harmful effects of plastic pollution on marine life.  Over the course of the week, we researched Brazil and the problems they have with plastic pollution and ways they are overcoming it.  In groups of 4, we worked collaboratively to present our learning to the rest of the class.  After a class vote, it was decided that Lucas, Tom, Logan and Oliver should present their research in the whole school assembly.

Sea-Life Centre, Birmingham

Tuesday was a fantastic day at the Sea-Life Centre in Birmingham.  As soon as we arrived, we were whisked off behind the scenes for a look at some of the baby sea-creatures: jellyfish, seahorses and  rays.  They are kept separately as their parents see them as competition for food.  We were lucky enough to hold a penguin’s egg, feel some chick feathers and hold a megalodon tooth. Seahorse males do something highly unusual in the animal kingdom; they get pregnant and deliver their offspring.  We saw juvenile sea horses and could tell which males were as they have large bellies. Walking around the sea life centre, we were amazed by all of the wonderful creatures.   The octopus put on a great display for us by moving along the glass tank.  Excitement levels were high when we walked through ‘Ocean Walk’ as we were up close from all sides with the marine life: sharks, rays and turtles to name a few. The penguins put on a great show for us both in and out of the water.  One of them tried to make friends with us!  (I think he thought we were there to feed him!).  We managed to see them from lots of different angles and they didn’t disappoint.  Before we left the centre, we visited the 4D cinema which everyone enjoyed immensely.  We went on an underwater adventure and got wet too!  The day was filled with exclamations of awe and wonder.  One of the highlights of the day for the children was stamping their tour cards so they received a reward at the end of their visit. Due to the fact that some of the areas were closed to the public due to renovations, the children have all been given a free child’s ticket from the Sea Life Centre.  It was a fantastic trip.

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