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Blood Heart!

From the WOW Day start including CPR, to investigating what is in our blood during science week... another great start to the term for class 6FM.



Wow! We had a great term finding out about the things that make!   From where we live, to what our fingerprints look like. Which thumb we prefer to be on top when we clasp our hands together to the Vitruvian Man theories used by Leonardo Da Vinci. We really enjoyed sticking our tongues out at each other, purely in the name of research of course, checking to see who could roll their tongue. This and information about other genetic traits such as hitchhiker's thumb, dimples, widow's peak and free or attached earlobes, all contributed to our class database. 

We shared ideas and points of view relating to nature verses nurture, considering 'why we do the things we do'. This thinking was used when we decided to debate two important social reformers, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. The class was split into two groups and spent time using chrome books to research the impact of the changes made by each man. The conclusion of the debate held in class, was that each man was as important as the other-and that both were great social reformers.

Inspired, the members of class 6FM then selected something about the local community they would like to be able to change for the better. One of the hot topics was the narrowness of the path alongside the school wall on Saffron Road. Most of the class would like to see it widened to allow safer travel. Another idea was to use the derelict church on the main road as a youth club, offering a safe venue for the young adults in the community to meet and entertain themselves. I was very proud of the whole class and their attitude to supporting positive change.

At the end of all the discussions, fact finding and research, we discussed what we are like on the inside-the part that perhaps is hard to define in words. So we spent time designing images to add to a tee-shirt and used fabric paint to complete the finished pieces.

A very productive and enjoyable first term for class 6FM.


Welcome to 6FM, we are pleased you have decided to visit our page. It has been a very busy and productive start to the new school year with lots of changes and new ideas for teaching and learning.

The 22 members of class 6FM are already immersing themselves in our new Curriculum Enrichment topic-ID. They have been sharing photos and details of themselves and family members, looking for family traits and starting to ask questions about who they resemble, and why! We have been investigating the theories of the 'Vitruvian Man' and using a branching database to classify each member of the class. We will be taking fingerprints and using art and design skills in the next few lessons. There will also be the opportunity to debate, discuss and share opinions. 

We will be developing reading skills through Book Talk and AR and have created displays to show off scores and achievements. We will also celebrate Star of the Day and VIP with photos of the proud recipients also on display.

Hopefully you have already had information letters/emails about homework, spellings and reading records. These should explain our new approach to learning the weekly spellings and expectations for daily reading at home. If you are unsure please contact the school or look for either myself or Mrs Foward on the playground at the end of the day.

Please look out on other areas of the website for further details about our topics and Higham explorers etc.

Both myself and Mrs Foward are looking forward to the year ahead, working with our class of unique personalities who are ready to be role models for the rest of the school.

Mrs Manning


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