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Class 3TB tell us who their heroes are!

We have recently enjoyed a fantastic science week and our class have really had fun, with lots of different activities. We started the week off with going to the park and digging up soil. We took this back to school and compared this to the soil that you can buy in the shops. We found out some interesting things including that the woodland soil contained more clay. We also made editable soil, using the layers that make up soil, we used coco pops, marshmallows, sweets and cheerios and we couldn’t resist eating them afterwards.

We actually made ice cream and it was delicious! We had a little bit of a disaster when the bag containing all of the ingredients broke! That was little messy! We also had a special workshop with a real life ice cream parlor. We had to taste the ice cream and guess the flavour. Some of the flavours were disgusting one was blue cheese!

We are a creative and curious class of 23 children, who are very excited about the year ahead. We have been very busy getting to know each other and our different unique and special personalities. We have been learning how to become independent learners and the skills that we need to be the best that we can be.

We have been able to show off our writing and Mrs Blissett was very proud of our recounts about our holidays, in particular our beautiful handwriting. In maths we have been counting in tens and hundreds and we love singing our times table songs, which help us to learn our tables in a fun way.

Something very mysterious happened to us, the playground was full of car parts! Mr Bale told us that Mr Mortimer, who owns the pet shop, car had disappeared during the night and we began to suspect we might actually have part of his car in our playground. Beware because Mrs Blissett thought it may be the Iron Man and so do we especially when an iron hand was found, this definitely did not belong to a human! We spent the day investigating and interviewing Mr Mortimer and we suspect that Mrs Blissett is correct and we did indeed have a visit from the Iron Man! Please be cautious at all times, as this Iron Giant has not been found. Look out for any metal items going missing, it could be that the Iron Man has eaten his dinner.

Mrs Blissett has found the book about the Iron Man and we are reading this in our book talk sessions. We love book talk because we get to be reading detectives and dive right into the book to meet the characters and see the places inside the book. We are also excited about getting our reading journals and we are working hard to read for ten minutes every day and get our reading stamp. We are going to win that reading trophy this term!

We are excited about the year ahead and have already shared so many amazing things, including: a robot workshop, a visit to the playground and an afternoon using magnets to see what items in our school and playground are magnetic.

We are a hardworking bunch that never give up and we have banned the word can’t and instead we say ‘I can’t do this yet.’ This shows our determined spirits and we cannot wait to show off all of our hard work as the year progresses.


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