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My name is Amelia Carlaw and I am Head Girl. When I got chosen to represent my school as Head Girl I felt very excited and proud as I have the whole year ahead of me to help our school. I also felt nervous and scared as it puts a lot of weight on your shoulders and gives you lots of responsibilities.

Being chosen as a Head Boy/Girl means you work hard and behave well in school. As well as giving you jobs to do, it gives you privileges too. For instance: laying the wreath at the poppy ceremony on the 11th of November. I hope that I do a good job as head girl and do HFJS proud.

Amelia Carlaw – Head Girl

My name is Samuel Billing [Sam for short] and I am the Head boy. When I was announced Head boy I was over the moon because I had accomplished my dream. I thought of my parents and how proud they would be. When I heard the other head and deputies I knew It would be a good year. I was inspired by the previous Heads and deputies because they made the school the best it could be and I wont to do the same.

Samuel Billing/Head Boy

My name is Grace Denne and I am deputy head girl and part of the junior leadership team. When I found out that I had accomplished what I thought I would never get my body tingled with happiness. I am very happy to be working with many other friends, teachers and children.

As well as being very happy about everything I am nervous about making sure I do a good job and I really hope people are happy about what I do to help.

Grace Denne- Deputy Head Girl

My name is Connor Trippett and I am deputy head boy. When head boys girls and deputies where announced I was amazed. Also was happy for everyone else who got a job.

Even though this job takes lots of responsibilities and hard work. Last year the head boys/girls were very good and Olly (deputy head last year) inspired me. Also it was a hard competition to get head boy.

Connor Trippett Deputy Head Boy


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