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Please find below the latest update from Higham Ferrers Junior School regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Monday 18th May 2020

Further to the Prime Minister's announcement, until we hear from the Government that schools are to open for certain year groups and it is safe to do so, we are not able to make a decision on what this will look like. 

We will continue to be open for Key Worker children at this time however this provision may change. We will, of course, keep you updated as soon as we receive more information.



Science at HFJS is taught weekly based the Cornerstones Curriculum.   For science driven Interactive Learning Projects, the children complete science lessons linked with their project.  During other terms, we teach Science discreetly.  We cover all of the National Curriculum programmes of study during the school year.  Please see our science overview for this academic year.

 At HFJS staff agree that children need to be given the opportunity to be creative when exploring a programme of study.  This will enhance their engagement and excitement for the learning.  We ensure that all resources and equipment is available to scaffold and assist in the children’s experiences in Science.  We like the children to have a variety of opportunities to use practical resources and undertake fun experiments.  We believe that children should ask scientific questions and find ways to answer them.  We encourage an environment of exploration, investigation and collaboration.

 At the beginning of each new Science programme of study, children have opportunities to demonstrate the previous learning in the subject.  Then practical experiences are given to ensure they have ‘a hands on approach’ and can explore different materials to increase their scientific vocabulary.  As part of the learning, children answer questions by planning, conducting and evaluating scientific investigations.  At the end of a unit of work, teachers assess the children’s work to show progression and identify any gaps.

 To enhance learning we offer a weekly after school STEM club.  The children collaborate, create and evaluate whilst making fidget spinners, rollercoasters, fan powered cars and steady hand games.  The children also use perseverance and problem solving to ensure their design works properly.  We hold in school competitions for the children to deepen their curiosity.  The winners receive a place in a science club or an off-site visit to a local educational science zone.

 Science Week is celebrated yearly using a whole school investigation.  This year the children had to find out which biscuit was the best dunker.  They examined and researched ingredients in a variety of different biscuits, decided how they were going to test the biscuits and conducted fair tests to achieve accurate results.  The overall winner in the school was the Rich Tea, it held more than twice its own weight in tea!

Here at HFJS we try to utilise the science capital available to us from friends, colleagues, other schools, parents and governors to add to the children’s enjoyment of science.  This year we have hosted: a light and reflection workshop from Wrenn School; a dental nurse visit to year 4 to discuss the importance of oral hygiene; Lt Cdr John Ireland from the British Navy to talk about his experience and knowledge of submarines.  In autumn term, our Year 6 children are able to use the facilities of The Ferrers School to dissect a heart during their work on the circulatory system.

 Please contact Mrs Münster if you are willing to talk to the children about science in your workplace.


History at HFJS is taught weekly based the Cornerstones Curriculum.   Children complete learning based on their termly Interactive Learning Projects. At the beginning of each new topic, children have an enrichment opportunity to create awe and wonder in the subject.  Their Interactive Learning Project provides a theme for our English lessons to create a connected curriculum.

If the topic is a history-led topic then the children have a themed day at the beginning of their learning to create engagement and excitement for the children.  On this day, the children immerse themselves into a life from that era by dressing up and completing daily tasks as people would have done in those times. The children create work for display throughout their Interactive Learning Project to exhibit for parents at the end of term.

We have well-established connections with Higham Ferrers Town Council and Higham Tourism to aid the teaching and learning of our local history.  Informative volunteers from these establishments take great pride in working with us to help the children learn about Higham Ferrers’ rich historical heritage.  Teaching staff had a historic guided tour of Higham Ferrers to enable them to teach the children a wealth of local history as Higham Ferrers Historical Market Town is a gem in our local area.

Every year, in the autumn term all of our children visit Chichele College for an afternoon to learn about: Higham Ferrers’ famous son Henry Chichele; historical events which have taken place in the town; Higham Ferrers’ Historical Charters which have been restored following a lottery funded grant.

Last year, Year 6 helped to celebrate the restoration and return of the charters by making a film which was premiered on the Charter Celebration Day. It was shown on the big screen at Cineworld as part of the Heritage Family Fun Day at Rushden Lakes in September.

This year, we have forged links with the Rockingham Forest Trust who provide an excellent service to engage the children into their history and geography learning in our local area.  They run a project called ‘Settlers of the Nene Valley’ which provides activities to explore the Nene Valley, its people, heritage and identity in a changing landscape of the Nene Valley from Neolithic times to Medieval.  They focus on: the journeys that the Settlers made, where and how they lived, and what we can learn from them.

To ensure our history lessons are exciting and engaging we use resources boxes from the Northamptonshire libraries service who provide us with a variety of resources including books and artefacts.


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The name, postal address and telephone number of the school, and the name of a person to whom enquiries should be addressed is:

Mrs Victoria Bull
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Rushden, Northants.
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Tel: 01933 312748

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