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What is a Governing Body and what do we do?

The general idea behind a Governing Body is about overseeing the success of the school and working in partnership with the Head and teachers to agree priorities and monitor progress towards them. HFJS Governing Body is there to provide constructive support and challenge to the Head and teachers to enable them to do their job to the best of their ability. From a legal perspective, HFJS Governing Body works as a decision making body with corporate responsibility to work in the best interest of the school.

The overall role of a governing body is a strategic one its key functions are to:

  • set the aims and objectives for the school
  • set the policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • set the targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  • monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives
  • be a source of challenge and support to the Head.

Our Governing Body does not run or manage HFJS – we have no responsibility for the internal organisation or management of the school. 

Who can become a Governor?

Almost anyone over 18 years of age can become a governor. There are no particular qualifications or requirements, other than a willingness to give time to the role and a capacity for working with other people. Our school governors are people who genuinely want to make a positive contribution to our children’s education. Time commitments can vary but on average we spend between 10-20 days per year on governing responsibilities – monthly meetings, training, school visits etc.

HFJS Governing Body is comprised of 12 governors who all play differing roles. Our aim is to have a balanced group with diversity in gender, age, experience and skill sets to ensure our support can be as effective as possible to the Head and teachers.

Who are our Governors?

Governor NameDate
Governor role in another school



Financial Interests
Head Teacher Mrs Vicky Bull   01/09/19  School    None  None
Chair/Safeguarding Gov Mrs Kim Ellis  23/04/15  Community    None  None
Vice Chair Mr Laurence Shone  23/04/15  Community    None  None
Clerk Mrs Jo Longland  01/09/07  School    None  None
Writing Gov Mrs Jenny Willetts  15/11/16  Community    None  None
Local Authority/Chair of Finance Mr John Ireland  01/11/18  LA      None
Reading Gov Vacancy          
SEN Gov Vacancy          
Maths Gov Mrs Anita Taylor  01/06/18  School    None  None
Pupil Premium Gov Vacancy    Parent    None  None
Teaching Mrs Anita Taylor  01/06/18  School    None  None
Community Gov Lisa Sacco  01/11/18  Community    None  None
Community Gov Carol Fitzgerald  01/11/18  Community    None  None
Parent Gov Sarah Church 16/10/17  Parent    None  None
Parent Gov Lisa Gibbs  01/11/18  Parent Governor at SEJS  None  None
Parent Gov Karen Wheeler  01/11/18  Parent    None  None
Parent Gov Christopher Waller  01/11/18  Parent    None  None

Meeting Dates   

DateCommittee 1Committee 2Committee3
25/09/18  Main Pay & Personnel   
13/11/18  Main     
15/01/19  Main  Finance  
26/03/19 Finance    
29/04/19 Finance  Main  
04/06/19 Main    
16/07/19 Finance Main  

Main Contact

The name, postal address and telephone number of the school, and the name of a person to whom enquiries should be addressed is:

Vicky Bull
Higham Ferrers Junior School,
Saffron Road,
Higham Ferrers,
Rushden, Northants.
NN10 8ED

Tel: 01933 312748

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