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Time flies when you are having fun!

Half way through my first year at HFJS already and time to reflect on what has happened so far.

I have been with the behaviour and attitude of the vast majority of pupils at Higham Ferrers Junior School since I began working at the school.

In English lessons, the children are now producing higher quality writing on a more regular basis; in reading, they are involved in ‘book talk’ sessions on a daily basis to develop their understanding of the books they are reading and in maths, children are getting better at applying their calculation strategies to master maths problems and investigations.

Within the school I have promoted an expectation that this is the children’s school and they play a leading role in improving their own learning for themselves and others. This is led by our Junior Leadership team and School Council but also lies with every child taking responsibility for their own effort, attitude to learning and behaviour.

As I started off by saying, I have been impressed with the behaviour and attitude of the vast majority of pupils and can say from my experience of working in many schools that the behaviour we see in this school is very very good. I have invited education colleagues into the school to review the progress we have made so far this year on Maths and Writing and during each of these days it has been commented on the:

“courteous and welcoming children…clearly keen to engage with school life.”

Following consultation with staff and parents we are going back to single age classes from September 2017. The hard work starts now for the teachers to re-design the curriculum to make the learning journey an exciting, interesting and memorable one for all the children.

 We have a fantastic staff team at the school with a real determination to make Higham Ferrers Junior School better than ever before.

The start to this journey has been very positive and I look forward to the next steps along the way.

Chris Hill


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