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Over the Easter holidays our reading area has transformed into what is now called 'Authors Alley'. Our alley is like stepping back in time to an old shopping street with shops full of books such as 'Fiction and Sons', ' Poems R Us', 'Non Fiction Emporium' and 'Magazine World'.

Special features within the room all link in some way to either a book, author or Higham Ferrers Junior School. Hidden within the bricks are quotes from books and somewhere else on another brick is the author's name and book title to find to match up with the quote. We also have our own special 'wanted' poster which we will use to highlight new books to the children.

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We are the only school around to have such a brilliant and unique reading area, my thanks to Miss Brayfield and Miss Taverner for their time planning this exciting space for all the children in school. We can't wait for you all to see Authors Alley for yourselves!

{gallery}Authors Alley{/gallery}


The results can now be announced....the winner of our courageous person vote is...

DEREK REDMOND with 87 votes.

In second place was Malala Yousatzai with 68 votes.

Third place goes to Anne Frank with 55 votes.

Thanks to all the parents and children for voting!

Take a look at the slides below to learn more about all our courageous people.




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