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Yesterday, Thursday 14th June 2018 Year 6 walked down to Rushden to cheer the start of the national women's cycling tour from Rushden to Daventry.

It was a very exciting day and we took part in lots of fantastic activities - many thanks to all those who took part and helped set this up.

Year 6 were especially pleased when the total distances of the fixed cycling races were totalled as we came first and second! Well done to all, it was worth pedalling as fast as you could for 2 minutes, rest, then another for half an hour! Brilliant stamina.


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Buzz, buzz, buzz was the sound of the children as they watched the beekeeper in awe. A busy start to our buzztastic science week, shared with the Infants.

The children were fascinated by the history of beekeeping in ancient times, through to now how fascinating a bee's life is. They especially enjoyed tasting the honey - collected fresh from the honeycomb that morning.

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What a busy start to our new term, we have so much to tell you.

The week after SATs Year 6 focused on designing and making scarecrows for Chichele college. This year's theme was a historical focus, so we decided to create a Medieval knight. The other three classes created: Queen Victoria, a Roman soldier and Queen Elizabeth I. The public voted and we were told the winning scarecrow in assembly last Friday... the medieval knight! Well done for all your collaborative skills and perseverance in ensuring our knight was just right.

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On the last day of term we then visited the Tate Modern art gallery for our inspirational 'wow' day.

The children enjoyed exploring the gallery, here are some of their comments:

I went to a magnificent place called the Tate Modern in London, there were millions of pieces of art. It was amazing. Some of the pictures were intriguing and some were tiny but worrying. It was one of the best days at school. My favourite painting was the monsters eating men (it was a bit gory).  Kai


I liked the picture with the horizontal and vertical yellow lines. This was my favourite because it means different things to many different people. Alexandra

I just stared at the magnificent pictures. Jack

I was interested in a piece of art made of tons of little towers made entirely from couscous. Clarke


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Cassie created her own sculpture, based on what she had seen (photo above)





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