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This term our class have really enjoyed working on the Blue Abyss topic where we have learnt about different sea creatures, their habitats and different food chains. Some of our highlights from the topic was producing all of our work to host the art gallery, as well as the school trip to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham!

Below are some of our views of favourite parts of the topic.

'I have done a lot of things over this topic such as a visit to the Sealife Centre, writing a Flotsam story, chicken wire creations, researching the Great Barrier Reef, polystyrene art and learning about food chains. My favourite thing was the poems because we got to write all about the sea. We also got draw on our poems for display.
My best memory is the SeaLife Centre. I am very proud of my fish that I made out of chicken wire because it looks really good and was challenging. It is also very colourful! I am also proud of what I learnt at the SeaLife Centre.'         Evie


'We planned and wrote an adventure story. I enjoyed when we went to the Sealife Centre because we got to see penguins, sharks and other fish. My best memory was seeing the penguins in the water. I am proud of my story writing because I could use my imagination.'     Joshua


'This term we have been learning about Blue Abyss. I had lots of fun doing work about the sea. In English, we were writing a Flotsam story and I think I did really well! Before that we went to the Sealife Centre and it was a lot of fun! I saw sharks, jellyfish, turtles and dolphins, there was even a cinema!
We also looked at writing poems about the sea. We chose animals for our sentence stacking our final piece. For sentence stacking, I chose a wolf, and for our final piece I chose a penguin! (Mrs Neild's favourite!) After that, we made a polystyrene print and my colours were red, yellow, green and blue! Finally, we made a chicken wire angel fish! We had to cut two shapes out of the chicken wire, then we twisted it together, stuffed some tissue paper in to the fish (my colours were light blue and bright orange!'         Nicola

As part of our comprehension sessions, we have really enjoyed earning points from Book Talk. We have worked hard to develop sentences that hope to achieve the four point maximum. Points are earned for using the Book Talk sentence opener, finishing the sentence so it makes sense, using the key word and using evidence from the text to back up the point that we make. As the term has progressed, we have started marking each other’s sentences and have become good detectives at seeking out some good answers from each other. Although we are critical of the sentences we mark, we like to think that we are very fair with our rewards!

In 4CN we have become very scientific this term and had great fun looking at bubbles and balloons! We created our own bubble wands with pipe cleaners and experimented to see the effect of different shaped wands on the bubbles that were created. Through doing this, we discovered that bubbles can be of all different sizes but would create a rounded shape still. Further to this, we froze bubbles to see if freezing had an effect on the bubbles placed in the freezer.

Working with balloons was very exciting as we were able to investigate the difference between solids, liquids and gases within balloons and what their different properties were. From holding the different balloons to throwing them, we were able to identify differences in weight and how they react to hitting the floor.

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