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A big welcome to all of the children and parents to who are in my class this year. My name is Mr Russell and I am one of the Year 5 team this year, in addition to being the Year 5 leader. In our class this year, the children will also be taught by Mrs Sharkey, Miss Farrow and Miss Gregory-Thomas, respectively. Support this year will be given by Mrs Vega and - a new addition to the school - Mrs Denny, who I know you will all make feel welcome.

Whilst it is still only the first week, we have been really impressed with how well all of the children have settled. It is fantastic to be given the opportunity to work with the children and I am looking forward to lots of great teaching and learning. This will be complimented by our new approach to the curriculum. In Maths, we will be using an innovative model know as the Singapore Bar Method. In our English we will continue with our Sentence Stacking that the children so richly enjoyed last year.

The biggest change is through our foundation subjects where the children will be immersed into a variety of different learning opportunities. We will call this the Curriculum Enrichment Experience. In Year 5, our first Curriculum Enrichment is titled 'Time Travellers'. We will have four experience that will instil lasting memories in the children. The first is to design and build a time machine, then they will question a range of people from different generations to see how life, and we change, over time. After this, we have a best selling author to help the children with their adventure writing. Lastly, we would like the children to read poetry and stories to an audience of family and parents (date to be confirmed).

We will have six curriculum experience throughout the year which will involve visits. For example, we will be visiting the Space Museum in Leicester. So, I hope you will agree, exciting times.

There will be a cost to parents for the visits we have planned, and a letter will go out shortly to inform you of the trips and costs involved. I would like to say from the outset, that the school will be subsidising these trips from the Year 5 budget, and any outstanding contributions can be paid through instalments. If your child is Pupil Premium, then all of the cost will be met by the school.

 Lastly, our P.E. will be on a Tuesday and Thursday, but please leave kit at school encase of any other impromptu physical activity. Reading logs will be given out - if not already done so - and we would like all children to read to a family member for five minutes a day. Please sign the log so that your child gets their stamp.

I am looking forward to meeting you all at Parent's Evening,; however, if you have any burning issues before then then please talk to the office or one of the team.

Mr Russell

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