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Wednesday 14th March

What an exciting day we had on Wednesday!  Falconry UK travelled all the way from Wales to show us some Bird of Prey as part of our Predators Topic. The children were excited to meet an African White Faced Owl and to hear lots of facts about her. She was imprinted which means she was born in captivity so thinks she’s human!

We then met a blue winged kookaburra which is camouflaged near water. The children enjoyed watching him fly onto the chair. Mrs Bayes took a wonderful selfie with him.

Next was Tas the Tawny Frogmouth. This creature acts like a Venus Fly Trap. Whilst sitting in a tree, it opens its mouth to reveal a yellow throat. The prey believe that it is lovely nectar and hop in, unable to escape once the bird’s beak is closed. The Tawny Frogmouth is completely camouflaged in trees as it can tighten its feathers and change shape to look like a branch.

The favourite bird of the day was the African Pygmy Falcon. This bird is so cute he likes his keeper to play with him. He lives inside the house as our climate is too cold for him. He has white dots on the back of his head which predators believe are eyes and deter them from eating him.

Verreaux’s Eagle Owl was a real delight; he had human-like eyelids. This was the biggest bird which we saw and he had a brilliant party trick. Isabelle enjoyed being his willing assistant.  It was wonderful to meet such unusual birds.


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