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IMG 5940This term, during our topic lessons, we have had fun researching and looking at bubbles and balloons. We made bubble wands by twisting pipe cleaners into different shapes and discovered that bubbles are always round in shape. We loved exploring bubbles even if we did make a bit of a mess on the tables! We also poured bubble mixture in a bowl and used a straw to fill the bowl with bubbles and placed it in the freezer. When we removed it we could see that the bubbles had shrunk but still remained in the icy water.

Also this term we filled three balloons, one with air, one with water and the last with water which we placed in the freezer. The children were then able to feel the weight and texture of the three different balloons. These were then thrown onto the floor to observe what happened…some children may have been a little splashed by the water balloon J

With our topic being ‘Potions’ this term, we have been hard at work creating and planning our own potion creations. In English we are currently learning how to write instructions to show how to make our own potions. There has also been a lot of focus on Science and looking at whether materials are solids, liquids or gases. We’ve had wacky races with different liquids, made our own chocolates and use a chemical reaction to blow up a balloon. Further to this, we drew designs of our own potion bottles and have developed our clay skills of slabbing and coiling to bring our potion bottle designs to life. Towards the end of the term we plan to add the colour to our bottles to produce our final creations. This has been a really exciting project for us to watch our different ideas come to life and can’t wait to share our completed bottles with you all.

In our reading lessons, we have been continuing to focus on our ‘Book Talk’ sessions and working hard to earn 4 point answers. Points are earned for using the Book Talk sentence opener, finishing the sentence so it makes sense, using the key word and using evidence from the text to back up the answer. We are really enjoying earning points. Plus now we are working on different ways of giving feedback to each other including peer marking and self- marking. Incredibly, somehow we always end up with more points when we self-assess J 

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