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Blood Heart - Wow day!

What an amazing day!

As the door to the classroom opened in came a selection of nurses, doctors, surgeons, psychotherapists, patients and other medical staff to be greeted by a doctor.

Don't worry no children were harmed during the day, although some were quite rough with the resuscitation dolls (whistling could be heard...).

The children had a chance to research Doctor William Harvey; create 'blood'; remind themselves about how to place somebody in the recovery position and learn the basic skills of CPR with a qualified medic, (many thanks to Mrs Staniforth's friend).

Great fun, lots of learning and interesting memories made.

Photos of our wow day:


Fantastic finish for our ID project

Wow! What an amazing afternoon!

We invited parents from year 6 and other classes to join us in the hall this afternoon to share some of the activities and fun we've had over the last seven weeks.It was amazing.

The children shared their books; helped parents print their fingerprints; measured their height and arm length against Vitruvian man theory  and compared different genetic characteristics.

Thank you to all those who attended and if you didn't get a chance, don't worry, here are some photos!


Help I'm stuck!

 We have been looking at what we can do to help ourselves and others when we are stuck. This is part of our whole school philosophy regarding 'building learning powers' and 'perseverance' to help the children in becoming independent and confident learners.

Children in 6IS believe strongly in perseverance and not giving up. To help one another they have created posters, a perseverance tree, collated together post-it note ideas and use 'mindfulness' strategies such as 'paws b.'


As part of our topic 'ID' we have created 3D fingerprints - this certainly tested the children's perseverance skills!

Amazing fingerprints as a result of concentration and not giving up!

 Perseverance is a big leap for us because all of our pupils try our hardest to never give up, Isabel

We made the perseverance tree because we put quotes on our hands to help us remember to never give up, Emily.W

When I get stuck I use mindfulness and it helps me focus in on the moment, Cassie

When I find a question really hard I pause and breathe (pawsb), David

When I get stuck I use the 5Bs (brain, board, book, buddy, boss), Aiden

When I get frustrated at a question I use the petal practice, Cameron

When I get stuck I remember perseverance and never give up, Emily.R






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