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It's that time of year...get your Christmas cards at the ready...

This year we decided to create a 'polar bear' postbox (her name is Susie), with a little help from Selfie Elfie (who now has a multi-coloured friend).



What an amazing range of learning opportunities we’ve had so far.

Dissecting a heart at the Ferrers

Our class and I are very lucky that we got to do hearts at the Ferrers. I definitely had a great time and I’m sure everyone else did as well. First we learned about the heart, and I definitely didn’t expect some of the answers.The lamb heart smelled quite bad and it looked quite disgusting, but it was nice actually being able to have a go at touching it. I think that the whole experience did benefit everyone and that it was a good idea. It was a very interesting trip!


On the 17th November our class went to the Ferrers to cut open a lambs heart. It was gross and I felt sick. It smelt like mouldy cheeses. It was very cool as when we opened it (after cutting it) my group found a hole in the heart. When we put our fingers down the tube it was hilarious and our fingers got cooler and cooler. As the lesson came to an end it felt like I was just part of a bushwhacked trial (from I’m a celebrity get me out of here).


Exploring blood flow investigation 

On the 30th of November our class discovered what happens to your blood flow if your your veins and arteries are clogged up with fat and sugar.In the end the veins and arteries that were clogged up with fat took longer to get through the veins and arteries. Everyone in the class got to take part so it was fun for everyone.Our class chose which task they wanted to help with,wether it was pouring the blood into the cup or stopping the timer.I think it was a great experiment and it was a more fun way of doing topic.





Guess who we had to find this morning!

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