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As part of our topic on Mighty Metals we worked collaboratively to create magnetic games. The children showed great perseverance to create mazes, racing tracks and fishing games. I wonder if we can distribute them to the shops before Christmas! Well done everyone, you worked hard on this.


We were thrilled on Friday when our VIP for the week planned an autumnal art lesson. The weather was glorious so we hurried down to the park to find natural objects. We worked well in groups to scavenge for materials to use in our pictures. Using the field as our canvas, we created some fantastic works of art. 


Mighty Metals

What a fantastic day we had last Tuesday. First of all we went to the playground to explore friction. We tested different materials to see if they produced more or less friction by sliding on them.     We were surprised that the plastic bin liner made us go faster as it felt quite sticky.   Cardboard produced the least friction and really slowed us down. We also investigated different playground equipment to see which forces were being used.

After break we were set a task to design a companion for the Iron Man. We are going make a robot using recycled materials. We collected lots of ideas together and designed a robot thinking about the resources we will need. It needs to light up, be magnetic and move.

In the afternoon we went to the robot workshop. It was really tricky at first attaching all of the pieces but Kieron helped us and by the end of the lesson we had all built a robot which moved across the floor. It was amazing.

The best thing about today was the Robot Workshop


I enjoyed designing my robot.



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