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Welcome to 6FM, we are pleased you have decided to visit our page. It has been a very busy and productive start to the new school year with lots of changes and new ideas for teaching and learning.

The 22 members of class 6FM are already immersing themselves in our new Curriculum Enrichment topic-ID. They have been sharing photos and details of themselves and family members, looking for family traits and starting to ask questions about who they resemble, and why! We have been investigating the theories of the 'Vitruvian Man' and using a branching database to classify each member of the class. We will be taking fingerprints and using art and design skills in the next few lessons. There will also be the opportunity to debate, discuss and share opinions. 

We will be developing reading skills through Book Talk and AR and have created displays to show off scores and achievements. We will also celebrate Star of the Day and VIP with photos of the proud recipients also on display.

Hopefully you have already had information letters/emails about homework, spellings and reading records. These should explain our new approach to learning the weekly spellings and expectations for daily reading at home. If you are unsure please contact the school or look for either myself or Mrs Foward on the playground at the end of the day.

Please look out on other areas of the website for further details about our topics and Higham explorers etc.

Both myself and Mrs Foward are looking forward to the year ahead, working with our class of unique personalities who are ready to be role models for the rest of the school.

Mrs Manning


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