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Being Head Boy is a really important job for HFJS. You have to be confident, which mine has grown a lot since being in year 6 and responsible, which I feel more grown up about. We also have to help the school out by sorting people out to have special jobs; such as Value Ambassadors, people in the Friendship Team and the Sports Leaders.

Since the start of the school year, we have done very important jobs. Laying the wreath down at the memorial on Remembrance Sunday , representing the school in special events and having to design badges for different house teams we have inside of our school. It is a very fun job as well.

Jack Bartley – Head Boy


When appointed as Head Girl I was honoured and proud, but also nervous, because I knew that I now had a massive responsibility. Things that I have done include, organising the Junior Leaders. These were House Captains, Sports Leaders, Value Ambassadors and the Friendship Team. Having a responsibility like this means being asked to take on special tasked such as laying the schools poppy wreath on Remembrance Sunday. I have also been involved in meeting people on behalf of the school. Jack and I showed applicants for teaching posts round the school, one of which is now my teacher.

Amy Salmon – Head Girl


Being Deputy Head Girl has given me more responsibility and a chance to show my full potential. I have made lots of Year 3 and 4 friends because they feel able to share their problems to me, and I play around with them. It makes me happy to see younger children laughing and smiling because of me, that means I’m doing my job properly. Not only, have I made people happy, I have made very important decisions such as; coming up with reading buddies, and choosing them, coming up with quotes to put around the school, and organising the team captains, and sports leaders. I love the fact that I get to wear a blazer makes me feel proud!

Lauren King – Deputy Head Girl

Being Deputy Head Boy I feel proud to represent the School. Since I became Deputy Head my confidence has grown massively, which is good as you have to be confident to be Deputy Head. Doing this job includes sorting out the Sport Leaders [who sort out sport activities], the Value Ambassadors [who give out team points] and the Friendship Team who are friends to everyone. Since the start of the year we’ve made all of these teams come to life. Thanks for listening to my story of becoming Deputy Head and what we do.

Olly Doherty – Deputy Head Boy




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