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Our school is open today as normal!

Thank you to all the parents, carers and staff that have made it in to school today 286 our of 368 pupils is a very good showing and I am so proud of the effort you have all made to show your determination to get here. Huge thanks to our site team that have made our site fully accessible - well done to everyone!

Mr Hill


See below the Sunday evening update:

Dear Parents and Carers

An update for you all regarding a possible closure of the school tomorrow.

I am aware that many other schools in Northamptonshire have chosen to close their schools this evening. I am also well aware of the inconvenience that snow causes parents who will be keen to make arrangements for tomorrow. I have spent time today in discussion with other heads of schools and my own staff - studying the weather forecast and clearing my drive so that I can get to HFJS tomorrow and make sure we are open. Please be assured that no-one finds the snow more frustrating and disruptive than me.

I know how inconvenient closing a school can be for the community and so we are pulling out all the stops this evening and tomorrow morning to ensure that we will be open tomorrow rather than saying we will close tonight, only to feel embarrassed in the morning if there is not much more snow and the roads are clear.

In the interests of transparency, there are only two reasons why we close the school in these circumstances:

1. If the site is inaccessible or unsafe.

2. If there are not enough staff able to travel to work to make safe provision for the children.

Based on the information I have at this time, neither of the two points above apply and so I would feel it would not be right for us to close the school.

Please be assured that I will make every effort to keep the school open tomorrow but that we will reassess first thing and communicate as early as possible with a final decision.

Thanks for your understanding.

Chris Hill


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