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Welcome to 5LT’s class page!

5LT is comprised of 30 unique personalities who thrive on a challenge and enjoy learning about brand new topics. Our brand new topic this term is Time Travellers! Where the children will have a chance to create time machines and travel through time. They will also have the opportunity to investigate the changes we go through, as we grow older. A best-selling author will visit the children to help them explore their adventure writing. All the while, we are practicing key skills in maths, ICT, science, art and more! We always work hard and try to be the best we can be.

Since being back, we have been reintroduced to Book Talk where we read and delve deeper into the meanings of texts and share out love of books through discussions. This term our class reader will be David Walliams’ Gangsta Granny as it links nicely with our topic! We are already enjoying this book and find it rather humorous.

We have many colourful displays in our classroom ranging from our fantastic sentence stacking, to our maths working wall along with an eye catching topic display which allows us to pose questions we would like to find out about. We proudly display our reading points from our reading, which is completed the night before. We really want to work hard as a team to achieve as many points as possible to gain the exciting rewards.

Watch this space to find out more.

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Hello and welcome to Miss Taverner's class page.

We are an enthusiastic and dynamic class of year 5 and 6 children. We have 31 children in our class - 15 year 5's and 16 year 6's. We embrace school life to the full. We always work hard and try our best!

We take every opportunity that’s available to us especially with out of class activities. Some of us are a part of many sports and musical clubs some being: football, basketball, handball, guitar and flute.

We enjoy many areas of the school curriculum one of them being Book Talk. These sessions take place 4 times a week. We get to read exciting books based on our AR Z.P.D. We really enjoy working in groups and discussing our ideas with one another so this lesson is perfect for us!

Another one of our favourite subjects is maths. We are all maths whizzes! We really enjoy solving problems and completing maths investigations. We get to learn about new mathematical skills and we work hard to give reasons for our answers.

This term we will be studying about the ancient Mayan civilisation. We will research and explore all about this particular period in time. We will end our topic by taking a visit to Cadbury World to understand how the Mayans used cocoa beans in numerous ways!

Watch this space to find out more!

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