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Brrrrr it's cold!


As part of our 'wow' starter Mr Homan came to talk to us about all the frozen places he has visited; including Greenland, Iceland, Canada and Everest just to name a few. He explained about how he had to travel by foot, bus, plane, helicopter and stayed in a variety of huts, tents and shacks. It was fascinating to hear a real life explorer!

It was good having someone come in to tell us about what it's actually like in the Artic. Charlotte

I like the fact he came in to tell us the journey he had and how he did it. It makes you think about following your dreams and you can do it. Lucy

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Today we braved the cold outside...without coats! We wanted to think about how the cold feels when we stand still and when we move around. Then we had water poured over one of our hands to see if that made a difference.
Lots of children wanted to go back inside, so they appreciated the warmth as it was very cold and windy.


Christmas jumper blood journey

As part of our topic about Blood Heart we have been learning how to write a biography of Sir Alec Jeffrey’s and Doctor William Harvey.

Today we acting out the journey of oxygenated and deoxygenated blood through the heart, valves and lungs. The red Christmas jumpers were deoxygenated blood; blue jumpers were oxygenated blood; white jumpers were valves and the other colours separated into two groups to act as the lungs.

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Good morning!

A beautiful playground scene.


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